Sophie Langdon, Musician & Teacher, London

Thank you so much for your excellent work on my violin - the neck graft is beautifully crafted and perfectly shaped.

Your set-up works really well with the tone evenly balanced and functioning healthily.

It has been a real pleasure having work done by you - I would whole-heartedly recommend you to all my colleagues and students .

Sophie Langdon - Professor of Violin at the Royal Academy of Music, orchestral leader, soloist and chamber player. - www.sophielangdon.com

Boris Pasman, Musician, Russia

The work you did on my Tononi make it sound better than ever with every passing day, every time I look at that violin I feel joy, because this world has very few professionals and to have found one, and benefited from her skills is terrific.

Boris Pasman, Russian Federation.

Monika Przetocka, Poland

When my daughter had to change her Violin, we found her a very nice antique one which needed extensive work to get it back to playing condition. A Violin teacher recommended Mrs Katrin Gabriel for the restoration.

Mrs Gabriel virtually brought the Violin back to life. It looks fantastic, but what is more important, it sounds beautifully. Both Hanna and her tutor are very happy with the sound. Hanna is now playing the Violin even more eagerly than before, as she simply loves her new instrument! We can recommend Mrs Katrin Gabriel to anyone who needs their violin restored!

Monika Przetocka - Zielona Gora - Poland

Jochen Bader, Germany

Liebe Frau Gabriel, Ihre Restauration meiner Don Nicolo Amati Violine ist mehr als nur gelungen. Die tonlichen Eigenschaften des Instrumentes sind wirklich hervorragend. Besser konnte Ihre Arbeit gar nicht sein.

Jochen Bader - Germany

David Stevenson, GTCL, LRAM, LTCL, MUS ED, LLCM. Herefordshire

I have worked as a professional violinist in major London Symphony and Chamber Orchestras since the 1960's. During that time, I have owned and played on fine old Italian and 19th century French violins.I am therefore familiar with the work of some of the best dealers and restorers in London.
However, I can say, unequivocally, that Katrin, a graduate of Mittenwald, is among the finest of restorers. My best violin- a fine Guadagnini was recently restored and serviced by her to an extraordinary high level. Indeed, her expertise is such that she is often instructed by major dealers and owners to maintain and restore the most expensive old Cremonese masterpieces. I regard myself as most fortunate to be able to call on her services and would recommend her unhesitatingly to other musicians and dealers.

David Stevenson, GTCL, LRAM, LTCL, MUS ED, LLCM

Christian Brunnert, Solocellist

Katrin Gabriel hat eine umfassende Restaurierung an meinem Giovanni Grancino Cello vorgenommen. Das beinhaltete eine Deckenwölbungskorrektur sowie diverse weitere Arbeiten an der Decke bzw. den Zargen. Katrin hat nach meiner Überzeugung eine phantastische Arbeit gemacht! Das Instrument klingt besser denn je, die Wölbung der Decke hat sich komplett so, wie direkt nach der Restaurierung, gehalten! Es gibt keinerlei Anzeichen für eine Einschränkung! Im Gegenteil: das Instrument befindet sich in einem deutlich besseren Zustand als vorher.

Ich bin voller Dank für ihre hervorragende professionelle Arbeit. Und ich möchte sie jedem wärmstens empfehlen, der eine große Reparatur an einem Streichinstrument vornehmen lassen möchte.

Christian Brunnert - 1. Solocellist des Beethovenorchester Bonn, Professor an der Kölner Musikhochschule, Cellist im Goldbergtrio, Bonn

David Powell : Sub-Principal Cello CBSO, Cellist at Trio Severn and 51 Strings

Katrin knows that there is no such thing as a routine set-up or repair when it comes to meeting the needs of a professional player. Working with her within the remit of what is possible and what is required is a player's dream because of her fine craftsmanship and her meticulous attention to detail. She is happy to consult throughout the process and this collaborative approach engages both player and luthier, leading to a successful outcome.
"Thank you Katrin for enhancing the attributes of my cello through our collaboration, for being both a sounding board and a filter for my aspirations for this instrument. You succeeded admirably and for that I am most grateful and full of admiration. You came highly recommended and now I know why!"

David Powell : Sub-Principal Cello CBSO, Cellist at Trio Severn and 51 Strings

Peter Miln, Longtown

Katrin has now completed a few jobs on my son’s violins after a couple of knocks. She is always extremely quick to respond to messages and has completed all the work in a timely fashion, thus avoiding long gaps in his practice schedule. His violins have been reasonable quality old french instruments with excellent tone and so well worth getting properly repaired. We have twice had a violin back from Katrin with a new bridge and sound post and both times they have come back expertly set up and sounding better than ever. I can thoroughly recommend her services!

Peter Miln, Longtown

Ingles & Hayday, fine instruments

Katrin has worked on a number of major restoration projects for Ingles and Hayday. The results have always been of an excellent quality. The process of working with Katrin is always efficient and very professional.

Ingles & Hayday, fine instruments - www.ingleshayday.com

Carol Hubel-Allen, Viola

Immaculate craftsmanship, sensitive handling of a temperamental old master instrument - and its player! My viola came back sounding as though it had enjoyed a good holiday! THANK you, Katrin!

Carol Hubel-Allen, Viola

Corinne Frost, Solo Cellist. Shropshire

Dear Katrin Thank you so so much for restoring my lovely John Lott cello 'Lottie' back to health.
I was dismayed one Saturday late September to see that the neck had come away from the button! I'd been having trouble for some time with keeping the instrument in tune but as I have a protective bib around the base of the neck I hadn't noticed. I took some photos and sent them to a trusted colleague who highly recommended I get in touch with you. I took off all the strings, bridge and tailpiece on your advice and spent the evening trying to get used to my second cello- a Jay Haide Chinese as I was performing a concerto the next day! You kindly agreed to see me on the Sunday evening so I drove to you after the afternoon concert.......
I was immediately impressed with your expert knowledge and trained eye and your obvious passion for your craft. You noticed there was no extra wood support for the button inside and asked if I'd like that to be done. We communicated regularly as the work progressed and you sent photos of the inside. I was delighted that work started immediately despite the battle with the insurance company. We both sent letters and twice they refused to pay. Eventually between us we worked out what had caused the neck to come loose and the insurance company agreed to pay.
I had asked if there was any chance of my cello being ready in time for 2 recitals on Remembrance Day and amazingly Lottie was ready 10 days before! I was excited and scared as I went to pick her up.
What a beautiful job- lovingly restored- superb craftsmanship- and beautiful varnish work. I was shocked by how different Lottie sounded but the bridge was new, the neck set back at the right angle, and the sound was bright and raw. It only took a few days to begin to settle in and when I gave the 2 recitals I realised that my cello is much better than it's ever been! The sound is more powerful and centered, and projects far more than before. As I performed I found that Lottie is easier to bow, less effort and I could vary the sound and dynamics and give greater extremes than ever before.
Thank you SO much!

Corinne Frost, Solo Cellist. Shropshire

Robert Bilson, violinist, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

I have been delighted with the repairs that Katrin carried out on my violin by Eugene Henry of Paris. After constant playing in the orchestra over a number of years it was becoming unreliable due to old repairs no longer being effective.
Katrin undertook major repairs of several cracks, opening up the instrument, methodically removing old superglued cracks and then repairing them with the right type of glue. She was meticulous in her work, keeping me informed at every stage, even sending me photographs before and after the repairs of the inside of the instrument.
As a result of her repairs and with her help setting it up afterwards the violin sounds the best since Iʼve owned it and I am really pleased that it works well and is reliable.
I canʼt recommend Katrinʼs work highly enough.

Robert Bilson, violinist, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Robert Laurence Kempton, violinist, Herefordshire

I've owned my Paul Bailly violin for over 30 years. From the moment I first played it, I had fallen in love with it's mellow and soulful sound, but it had always been hard work to play and was now sounding very tired and had some cracks and open joints which had seemed impossible to fix.

Katrin worked wonders.. It was a huge job, with cracks beautifully cleaned, glued and reinforced ; a plaster cast made of the table and the arching corrected ; some new half edging on the top ; a new bass bar and soundpost ; fingerboard planed ; pegs and bridge refitted ; neck reshaped, stained and oiled ; and finally all cleaned and set up.

My violin now looks and sounds lovely and is so much easier to play. It has finally become the violin I always had faith it could be. I can't thank Katrin enough, not only for her incredible skill, but also for her calm, gentle manner and patience. I'm so lucky to have met her.

Laurence Kempton, violinist

Rachael Austin

I have been delighted with the repairs that Katrin carried oI love my violin, even more than before. I asked Katrin to fit a new neck graft which had been badly done in the past, she did this and more, opening up the instrument to fix cracks, and replace the bass bar, which was too short. I was kept up to date on the process by email and it was fascinating to see the poor baby in pieces! I learnt a lot, I never even knew about a bass bar before, but now I know that it is crucial to the sound quality and volume the violin can produce. Katrin has made this instrument sing and it looks in peak condition too. I couldn’t be happier.

Rachael Austin

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