Workshop Impressions

  • workshop


    this is where it all happens...
  • violin rack

    Violin rack

    violins lined up waiting to be restored
  • pegs


    inside the peg drawer
  • wood


    sycamore for restorations and repairs
  • Cello bridges

    Cello bridges

    cello blanks (unfitted)
  • violin bridges

    Violin bridges

    violin and viola bridges
  • fingerboards


    old fingerboards for recycling, cello fingerboards can be turned into violin fingerboards, violin fingerboards into nuts, saddles, ebony crowns etc.
  • plaster casts

    Plaster casts

    some of the gypsum casts used for restoration
  • sharpening stones

    Sharpening stones

    drawer full of sharpening stones
  • violin+cello necks

    Violin+cello necks

    cut off's from violin, viola and cello necks that have been replaced with a new neckgraft
  • Band saw

    Band saw

    my old band saw, which came from the late Dietrich Kessler's estate and holdsĀ  special memories for me
  • Bench grinders

    Bench Grinders

    Bench Grinders and Honers
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